Biobased Selection

During Dutch Design Week (18-26 October), Materia will be present with a selection of 60 biobased materials that will be on show in the central hall of the Dutch Polymer Institute in Eindhoven.

Biobased materials

The raw materials of the future certainly speak to the imagination. Algae, fungi, coffee waste and agricultural residues; with pure organic renewable materials we can sustainably make products that fit within the natural cycles of the circular economy.

Bowls made from espresso grounds, textiles from banana leaves, textiles based on milk proteins, cactus and bamboo carpet, insulation made from mushrooms, cork, panels made of organic fibers from scented rose petals, finishes made from pinecone panels, and of course bioplastics based on, among things, starch.

Also shown at this event will be the results of the project ‘Design Challenges with Biobased Plastic,’ a project by the University of Amsterdam with consortium members Syntens, The Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry (NRK), The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and of course Materia. A table made from the new bioplastic Glycix will be displayed along with other exciting experiments.


While visiting Dutch Design Week, stop by the Dutch Polymer Institute and be inspired by materials for a sustainable future!

John F. Kennedylaan 2
5612 AB Eindhoven

Biobased Seminar

Also, be sure not to miss the feature event, ‘Design Challenges with Biobased Plastics’ for the latest from researchers, designers and industry leaders in the innovative world of biobased plastics. Though lectures, workshops and the great networking opportunities provided, you can fully immerse yourself in the forward-thinking world of biobased plastics.