Materia Exhibition: The Naturals

During the second quarter of 2017, Materia will be present in Broeinest Rotterdam with the exhibition “The Naturals”. The theme of this exhibition is sustainable, circular, biobased materials. 100 materials and examples of projects show the latest developments in this area.

Naturals consist of both organic and vegetable material. Everything that grows and flourishes is an inexhaustible supply for new raw materials, which after use becomes food for a new generation of organisms. The circle is then complete.

Aside from wood, other vegetable materials become increasingly more important and popular, such as cork, bamboo, hemp, flax, seaweed and algae. These materials absorb CO2, generate oxygen and grow on solar energy. Waste material of the agricultural industry as well has been discovered as a source of materials, such as nutshells, seeds from fruits, coffee grounds, fruit waste or potato peels. Derivative materials are also interesting for the biobased development, like castor oil or linseed oil for biobased resins and glues, latex from the rubber tree, or lignin.

Biobased materials are not only vegetable, but also animal material is a great source for new materials, especially waste material from the meat industry. Strong leather, isolating and bactericide wool, silk, hair and even unsold meat! And what about chitin from crab armours and shrimp peels? They can be a source for bioplastics.

So are you looking for sustainable, safe and beautiful materials? Become inspired by the 100 materials in this exhibition!

“The Naturals” takes place at Broeinest, Zomerhofstraat 71 in Rotterdam (NL) from 1 April to 1 July 2017. On 24 May, during Materia Café, there will be a special session with lectures about biobased materials and material advice by the Materia team.

Broeinest is opened every weekday from 08.00 to 17.30 h.