Materia Exhibition: Plastic Fantastic

There is no material as versatile as plastic. It is not broken down by microorganisms, so it is an ideal and low maintenance material for inside and outside use. Plastic is relatively cheap,and combined with low maintenance, it is an ideal material to imitate other materials, to give interiors a luxurious look, or, for instance, a wood-look in rooms in which wood cannot be used, such as wet rooms. A disadvantage is that plastic is harmful for the environment if it is not cleaned up afterwards and recycled.

Bioplastics are plastics based on renewable resources, which are commonly more sustainable than petrochemical (traditional) plastics. These plastics are made from starch, proteins, lignin or fat from organic organisms. The sustainability of bioplastics is proven by their lower CO2 emissions during the production process and the reduced use of fossil fuels.

In the circular economy, everything will be recycled. In 2050, packaging material cannot be made using ‘virgin’ resources and everything has to be made from recycled or biobased materials.

Visit the exhibition Plastic Fantastic at Broeinest Eindhoven to discover more fantastic plastic materials!