Materia exhibition: Wonders of Water, Barcelona

During ARCHITECT@WORK in Barcelona (ES) on 29 and 30 March 2017, Materia will present the ‘Wonders of Water’ exhibition. This exhibition is devoted entirely to the important role that water plays in the innovation of materials. As a visitor, you will be treated more than 100 extraordinary material samples, as well as a number of special water related items that will amaze you.

All life on Earth is principally made of and dependent on water. Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface and since time immemorial, has been considered as one of the earth’s basic elements; alongside earth, fire and air. But water is not only a source of life. It is also a source for materials!

Materia is bringing attention to the almost limitless possibilities of water as a source, and also as an inspiration for materials during ARCHITECT@WORK. Visitors will surely marvel at the sight of the many innovations this exhibition presents: carpet made from recycled fishing nets, wallpaper made from shells, leathers made from stingray, to name but a few. Or what about insulation made of seaweed or algae that is used in the production of roofing!

The sea is not only a seemingly endless source for materials, this exhibition also shows that together water and materials act as both friends and foes. Materials can offer extreme waterproofing abilities, or be an open structure that allows an optimum amount of water to enter. Did you know that numerous building materials are grown thanks to water? These include bio-adhesive laminates made of starch and plant fibers, or construction boards made from potato cork and organic resin.

In short, we invite you to dive into the wonderful world of water at this upcoming ARCHITECT@WORK event!

ARCHITECT@WORK will take place in the Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona on 29 and 30 March 2017. Visitors to this event will be architects, interior architects and other professionals in the fields of (interior) architecture and design. See you in beautiful Barcelona!

Entry is free after registration on the website, otherwise the fee is €100.