Material Mingling Milan

At Certosa Initiative, MaterialDistrict will show 120 innovative and sustainable materials, especially selected for Milan Design Week. Because everything within spatial design is made of materials, there is a lot to gain in this field by switching to sustainable materials.

Focusing on three main areas of sustainability (Circularity, Energy Transition, and Wellbeing), MaterialDistrict’s exhibition Material Mingling Milan shows various materials made of what is generally regarded as waste, made of renewable sources, and/or are optimized for recycling at the end of life, while also celebrating that we can mingle again to experience the materials with all the senses.

About Certosa Initiative
Beyond Space, architects with a distinct focus on delicate interiors and grand-scale transformations, bundle forces with Organisation In Design, makers of Ventura Projects and instrumental in breathing new life into rediscovered districts of Milan. Brought together by a deeply shared passion for design, their complementary track records make them a natural match to move the crowds into the up-and-coming Certosa District. In the face of turbulent times and on such short notice, the team sees itself floated by the sheer energy of the historical moment of resuscitation and is poised to make the Certosa Initiative the Talk of the town during the 2022 Milan Design Week.