Material Xperience On Tour – Essen 2014

Material Xperience On Tour Essen will be the first German edition of the already successful Materia concept. Bringing producers and designers together around our independent collection of innovative materials, Materia will host Material Xperience On Tour from 15th to 18th January 2014.

Held at the same time as DEUBAUKOM, the busy event is going to be packed with materials, inspiration and more.

Materia will have around 150 materials on show, which we’ve selected for their potential in the current and future design industry.



As the world’s trend watcher for innovative materials, Materia is always on the lookout for interesting materials, from glamorous glass that changes colour, filters UV light, or controls solar gain, to feather-light and biodegradable construction materials.

Important material trends for the future are biomimicry, biobased materials, new techniques and smart materials. These future material trends are the theme of Material Xperience On Tour – Essen.

Materia will have exciting materials on show, to inspire us all as we create a better, more sustainable and smarter built environment.



Every day during the show, Materia’s experts will give in-depth presentations on future building materials at the show. Themes will be the latest material trends in architecture and design.

Learning from nature gives materials’ producers new insights, and this biomimicry is translated into the materials that inspire creative professionals. Biobased materials are generally more ecologically responsible and are increasing in popularity.

New techniques like advanced milling and 3D printing allow us to create freeform architecture, or relief surfaces with 2,5D printing techniques. Self-healing materials and CO2 absorbing concrete are further examples of technology in action.

Smartness is the latest trend: materials that enable the built environment to react intelligently to its surroundings are hot. This ranges from materials that are harvest energy to façades which automatically adjust translucency.

Materia’s experts will be present throughout the show to provide visitors with information, inspiration and connections.

The ‘Biobased Materials’ lecture will be given at the show daily at 11am. The ‘Future Trends’ lecture will be given at 3pm on 15th January and at 2pm from 16th – 18th January. More information on the lectures can be found here.

More information on the show is here, and registration is here.