MaterialDistrict Expo: Ecology Technology

From 1 January to 1 April, you can enjoy the exhibition Ecology Technology at Broeinest Eindhoven! These 100 materials show you how technology can improve ecology.

Ecology studies the interaction between organisms and populations in the biocycle and the technocycle. Within the biocycle, materials are broken down by microorganisms, like wood, hemp, reet, coffee, bamboo, wool, etc., while mankind has to organise the technocycle through recycling.

The increasing scarcity of raw materials, excess CO2 and toxic emissions during production processes cause developments within the biocycle to develop sustainable, healthy, and quality materials that can be reused without harming the environment. From algae to fungi, from engineered wood to pressed bamboo and from cacao shells paper to textiel made from orange peels. Only a little longer, and in the future, we will work with cultivated leather and plastic that is consumed by bacteria when needed.

See you in Eindhoven!