MaterialDistrict Expo: Futureproof Plastics

As the devastating effects of plastic on the environment and human health become increasingly apparent, it’s time to rethink the way we use this material. But what are the alternatives? With the materials exhibition “Futureproof Plastics” during Kunststoffenbeurs in Den Bosch (14 & 15 September), MaterialDistrict answers this question.

Plastic is everywhere, from packaging in the supermarket to floors to your clothes. Unfortunately, everywhere really means everywhere: plastic is present in nature, the oceans and even our own bodies. To make plastic future-proof, we need to rethink the way we use the available resources and our production techniques.

Exhibition Futureproof Plastics
MaterialDistrict has put together the exhibition “Futureproof Plastics” especially for the Kunststoffenbeurs. The 120 materials selected are intended to inspire new ways of looking at what is generally considered disposable, from reuse to replacement. From the more obvious recycled plastic products to bioplastics made from cornstarch, coffee grounds or cow’s blood, and from packaging alternatives such as leek paper to recyclable materials such as glass for acoustic panels, these materials demonstrate that ‘waste materials’ are an excellent resource for a variety of purposes. as an alternative to plastic. And if plastic is your only option? New manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing offer a great way to reduce the amount of material required.