MaterialDistrict Expo: Lovely Light

Especially for the 2017/2018 ARCHITECT@WORK editions in Kortrijk, Liège, Luxembourg, and Rotterdam, MaterialDistrict has created the exhibition “Lovely Light”. This exhibition shows the importance of the effect of light on our environment and the role of materials in that aspect. The visitor will be treated to 125 special material samples, inspiring projects and several special objects that will definitely make you see the light.

Light: we need it to live, for oxygen, energy, and our health. With light, we can party all night, we can see colours, and it makes us happy. How can material use light? At the MaterialDistrict exhibition “Lovely Light”, you will discover special materials that all have a relationship with light, divided in the categories of translucence, reflection, UV reacting, light absorption, and light production. For instance, materials that bring daylight into a room, which stimulates the body to make serotonin that causes our feeling of happiness and health. Or how about translucent wood or concrete, super black coatings that absorb 98% of the light, iridescent coatings, energy generating foils, and materials that are interactively translucent? The most beautiful Glow-in-the-darks, textile with LED, and automatic sun shielding glass? Whether it is functional or aesthetic, at this exhibition, you will see the most beautiful and newest examples of materials and projects put in the limelight.

Many of these materials will be on display at MaterialDistrict’s “Lovely Light” exhibition at ARCHITECT@WORK Rotterdam in Ahoy, the Netherlands.

ARCHITECT@WORK and MaterialDistrict are both organisations that focus on the architect and designer. Nathalie Sandra from ARCHITECT@WORK responses enthusiastic to the collaboration: “MaterialDistrict adds with this exhibition real value to our trade fair, with independent knowledge, innovation and ample inspiration, exactly what an architect needs.” Jeroen van Oostveen from MaterialDistrict adds: “ARCHITECT@WORK devotes, like MaterialDistrict, a lot of attention to style, quality, innovation and ambiance, and we both sense what the (interior) designer likes. We strengthen each other with this collaboration.”

ARCHITECT@WORK and the MaterialDistrict exhibition “Lovely Light” can be visited in Rotterdam on 12/13 September. The visitors are architects, interior architects, and other (interior) architectural and design professionals.

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