Workshop and Seminar: Freeform for Architects

Together with concrete specialists Bruil, we are pleased to present the workshop event and seminar ‘Freeform for Architects’, taking place on May 12, 2016 at Bruil. (Note: This workshop and seminar event will take place in Dutch)

Free to partake, this event is exclusively for architects. You can choose to participate in the day program, taking place during the morning and afternoon, or follow just the seminar program in the afternoon. And while you are here, take in the Materia exhibition ‘Concrete Candies,’ where 50 examples of innovative new concretes will open your mind to the creative potential of this sometimes misunderstood material.

The Workshop/Seminar program is as follows:

Workshop (Maximum 8 participants):

9:30 Introduction to workshop participants
10:00 – 13:00 3D printing workshop/parametric design (lead by Studio Rap and Bruil)

Seminar (Maximum 30 participants):

13:30 Introduction to seminar participants
14:00 – 15:00 Lecture 1 – Els Zijlstra, Materia
15:30 Break and Els Zijlstra introduces the Concrete Candies exhibition
16:00 Lecture 2: Designing with Ultra High Strength Concrete
16:30 Results from the 3d printing workshop
17:00 Closing remarks and borrel

More about the Concrete Candies Exhibition:

Those who think of concrete as a cold and unwelcoming material will be impressed by the many sides this material has to offer. This exhibition will show concrete in new and surpising ways – as a soft textile for example. Other innovative new sides to this dynamic material include concrete with lightweight properties, coloured aggregates, relief print and photographic images, self-healing, luminous and now, of course, concrete in 3d printed form.

Other fascinating concrete topics explored in this exhibition include new construction applications of concrete along with sustainability as a material, with examples of recycled cement and concretes with biobased reinforcements and additives.