100% Biobased Flax panel


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- story by MaterialDistrict

These panels are made of flax fibers and a biobased glue, which makes it a 100% biobased material. Scientific research has shown that flax is among the most environmentally-friendly textile fibers as flax grows using hardly any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

During the harvest the flax is retted in a natural manner. Flax is, moreover, one of the few types of fibers that do not need to be strengthened before processing so that rinsing, which can result in water pollution, is not required. The panels can be used for all kinds of interior use.

This material is an indispensable link in the chain of the flax industry because it uses its by-products and therefore is no waste of natural resources. It is available in sizes up to 2500 x 150 mm, with special sizes available.

Other key dimensions are: thicknesses from 16mm to 50 mm, density from 320 kg/m3 up to 560 kg/m3 and Environmental norm: category E1.

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