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3D Engraved Glass


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Each design can be engraved in the glass! 3D engraved glass designs are versatile patterns created through sub-surface laser engraving or SSLE process of engraving an image inside the surface of a glass with a good optical clarity to lessen the distortion of the laser beam.
Using this laser technology to engrave inside the glass, it can create a wide range of customised products, varying from large screens to smaller products.
The method reproduces true 3D designs in the panels, not just as an effect. When used with (back) lighting, the effect is amazing. The unique design advantages combined with low maintenance and cleaning and no danger of fading by UV or pollution makes glass 3D engraved glass an exciting proposition for custom made products.
Available glass colours extra clear, white, green, grey, blue, other colours on request. The glass thicknesses varies from 8 to 25mm and thickness of the layers of the glass Panels van be made in sizes up to 2340 x 4.000mm.

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