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3D Profile


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The 3D profile materials have two caps of which the nature and density is freely definable. The distance between the two caps is determined by the length of the connecting pile threads and can vary from 6mm to 30mm.
Notably, these profiles come as a reinforcement of the oblong parts or in outlying areas of the flat elements used. The design and styling of these profiles are very flexible, so that Fraas is able to respond specifically to the individual requirements of our customers.
The Aramid fibers are golden-yellow organic synthetic fibers, which are characterized by very high strength, high impact strength, high elongation, good vibration damping and resistance to acids and alkalis. The most popular applications for aramid fibers are in the security field, in construction or can be found for example in the aircraft industry. Aramid in combination with epoxy resins offer multiple usages.

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