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Corruven’s 3D Series brings a corrugation design texture to interior spaces, furniture designs and light pieces. Its sinusoidal profile and its ability to bend, twist and flex creates characteristic channels and curvature that captures light in unique patterns.

Corruven is a technological leader and eco-friendly company that designs and manufactures light weight and hi-performance engineered composite materials. With a height of 19 mm (¾”), and a pitch of 50 mm (2”), the flat topped sinusoidal corrugation profile has proven to be extremely versatile, creating value in dozens of ways through numerous applications. Although typically composed of sustainable materials (wood and/or kraft paper), Corruven can corrugate most thin sheet-like materials, to produce a range of performance characteristics such as flame resistance, UV protection and sound reduction.

Other Properties: Light weight, flexible, compact stacking for shipping, Sustainability: NAF resin (CARB2 exempt), uses 75% less materials, FSC controlled materials. Fire Rating: Class A. Applications: Wall systems, Lights systems, decorative design.

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