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- story by MaterialDistrict

These woven and knitted mattress fabrics are not only interesting for trendy mattresses but also for interior purposes.

The fabrics are sound absorbing and can be attached to a frame of a stand construction or to the hoist points mounted on a ceiling.

Walls can be smoothly covered with high double-sided knit upholstery fabric with a soothing 3D relief. The material can also be 100% natural with a cotton/bamboo mix. It is versatile, light-weight and easy to use and reuse over and over again. With its stretched surface, it can also be used for projections. Additionally, creative thinkers have the freedom to add a logo, name or whatever they like into the fabric. This soft and light material has a mall volume, which makes it easy to (dis)mount, transport and store. The fabric Biaxial can stretch up to 50% in every direction, recovers from any kind of pressure and will revert to its original shape, even after several years of usage.

The Ergonomie Institut in Munich (Germany) tested its elasticity and concluded that Biaxial was particularly suited to be used for ergonomic mattress systems with several body support zones in order to provide the best back support and pressure relief. Next to that, Biaxial’s extreme flexibility makes quilting unnecessary and allows manufacturers or designers to create new looks.

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