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Anne Kyyro Quinn’s bespoke 3D textiles make decorative yet practical wall coverings suitable for commercial and residential projects. The felt is cut, manipulated & sewn to create rich textures and patterns that play with light & shade, creating optical illusions.
The main material, felt, absorbs sound and reduces noise levels significantly. The intricately structured surface design creates tiny cavities that absorb sound waves into the layer of fabric underneath. Kyyrö Quinn’s acoustic textile panels have been certified by sound testing laboratories, achieving an international performance standard confirming an effective reduction in reflective sound levels.
Textile designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn (born in Finland in1965) has been based in London since 1986. For her final project at the London Metropolitan University, she studied the interplay of light and shadow on the surface of felt, which sparked her ongoing interest in felt as a material. Kyyrö Quinn was one of the first designers to rediscover felt and update it for the twenty-first century. Kyyrö Quinn broke fresh ground when she used the material to pioneer a striking range of three-dimensional textiles. She established her own design studio in London in 1999.

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