Acoustic metal


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These thin porous acoustic metal sheets are made of pure sintered aluminium, which are washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, and recyclable. The material can easily be shaped and is convenient for both indoor and outdoor applications, in swimming pools and on noise barriers. It is mounted without joints resulting in a continuous, optically closed ceiling.

Poal is a highly porous sound absorbing aluminium sheet, made of non-woven aluminium fibres pressed between two aluminium meshes. The open panels are transparent, sound absorbing panels made of a thin transparent foil between expanded aluminium meshes.

The Filva-T absorbs sound, but lets the light through. The thin, flexible panels are also washable, weather-proof, UV-resistant and fibre free. The material offers broadband sound absorption with just an air space. There is no need for fibrous materials such as mineral wool.

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