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Acrylic One


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Acrylic One is a water based resin and contains no solvents. With this material a unique natural look can be achieved. There are many materials which can be mimicked with Acrylic One. Think of sandstone, slate, concrete, wood. The material can also be colored or equipped with a structure by adding pigments. By adding sand to the layer high wear resistance can be achieved. The layer Acrylic One is only four, five millimetres thick. The construction behind it is made up of EPS and some wooden ribs. Numerous options are possible: a round wall, a bend in a panel or an undulating panel.

By the use of metal powders even typical metal characteristics as oxidizing can be suggested. As if the material has been exposed to the weather. Moreover, this process need to be accelerated, so you have a new product with a very authentic look. Acrylic One can be processed among many circumstances. Since it is plastic, you have unlimited freedom in shape.

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