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Advantic Syntactic Foam

United States

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Advantic is CRG’s family of lightweight, engineered syntactic foams made with glass, polymer, or ceramic microspheres embedded in a resin matrix such as cyanate ester, silicone, or epoxy. Syntactic foam is a lightweight engineered foam consisting of manufactured glass hollow spheres embedded in a resin matrix. These hollow spheres typically range from 10 to 200 microns in diameter and are available in several materials, including glass, ceramic and polymers. The mixing process produces syntactic foams for a variety of applications and markets, from acoustic panels to aerospace structural cores. This process involves a low-stress resin removal system in which the excess resin is extracted from the syntactic material before the resin is cured. Along with the excess resin, any microspheres that may have been broken during the mixing process are also removed. The result has low density and void-free content, essential for high integrity composites. Advantic’s low density (half the density of water), high uniformity, strength (better than many grades of concrete), and minimum void content make the material beneficial to a wide and diverse market.

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