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Strawcture is a research-led biomaterials manufacturing company that makes functional, more insulated and 100% carbon negative building materials by envisioning waste fibres as their key source of raw materials to build products with.

Their flagship product, Agribiopanels are 100% Cradle-to-Gate carbon negative building material made of 96% biomass. Used for various applications for all applications in building interiors, such as partition walls, ceilings, flooring, acoustic insulation and furniture.

The panels have an acoustic insulation of 40 Db+, a thermal conductivity of 0.0195 W/m-K, are 2 hr+ fire rated, moisture resistant and termite proof. They are E1 certified, LCA negative and emit the lowest VOCs. These performance metrics make Agribiopanels 40% more insulating (heat and sound), 3x more load bearing than traditional, carbon intensive materials such as brick or plasterboard. This reduces the overall material consumption (in thickness) to achieve similar performance metrics.

Each sqft sequesters 3 kgs of CO2 in its lifetime. Up till now, Strawcture has sold over 150,000 square metres of Agribiopanels, sequestering over 12,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to having 2400 cars not emitting CO2 for a year on road.

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