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This material is an antimicrobial polyurethane fabric. It eliminates odours caused by bacteria and kills 99.99% of all harmful micro-organisms which come in contact with the surface of the material.
This includes bacteria, viruses, fungi- mold and mildew including but not limited to Staph, E Coli, Pneumonias, MRSA, HIV, H1N1, SARS, etc. It even eliminates odours caused by bacteria.
The silver ions are encapsulated within the .001 polyurethane skin where it is effective and economical.
A large variety of 75 colours is available, 137cm in width and available per 10 yards.
Usage: indoor / outdoor
The material is recommended for indoor upholstery, wall covering and panels, table placemats, X-ray aprons, medical device covers, menu and check covers, handbag bottoms, apparel and accessories, as well as yoga mats and pet mats.
AgUARDIAN™ has won prestigious honors including “Nightingale Award” for Advancement in Healthcare and NEOCON Gold award.
The material meets or exceeds US ACT Standards including fire resistance, abrasion, tear, light fastness, and many other high performance specifications.

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