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The thin, electrical all-round heating panel allows temperature control and heating of surfaces and spaces with healthy and invisible radiant heat. The 0.5 mm thin heating trails are equipped with a dimensionally stable fabric surface and are powered with safe low voltage (24 V). This technique and low structural height allows the use in floors, walls, and ceilings. The heating can even be applied in wet areas.

Due to air being a poor heat carrier medium, convective heat generates an enormous loss of energy. By reason of a huge difference in temperature a discomforting room climate is caused, and cold draughts on the wall set up the perfect breeding ground for mould growth.

Radiant heat, however, provides an even heating-up of objects in the room without relying on air. Radiation heat is reflected on glass and therefore the loss of energy through windows is impossible. The air temperature remains low so that the loss of energy is kept to a minimum even when aerating. Walls are heated directly which means no condensate and no mould.

The Lofec Panel heating system can be used as an supplementary heating-system or as an all-round heating-system.

The panels is available in 3 variations: perforated and concealed, laminated (for floating floor installation), and laminated and concealed (in wet areas).

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