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Alumero Diamond Line


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Alumero Diamond Line is a 100% recyclable product, made by raw aluminium extrusion profile, and then coated using plasma technology to achieve an extremely shiny, coloured surface which is both hard and scratch resistant. Different shapes and profiles are achievable based on customer requirements, and is available in 3 standard colours and other colours on request.

The manufacturing method begins with the extrusion process of a specialized aluminium alloy. The profile is then polished and a basic undercoat is applied. The top coat, which uses specialized plasma technology, is applied last.

The resultant coating is extremely hard and scratch resistant, it has high chemical resistance, and safe for use with foods. The three standard colours are:

  1. Diamond Black – Hardness 2500
  2. Diamond Rainbow – Hardness 2000
  3. Diamond Gold – Hardness 2000

Diamond Line is also available in custom colours.

The resulting product gives a technical look that can be compared to both metallic and ceramic materials. The applications for these products include both interior and exterior use, such as:

  • Automotive Interior & Exterior
  • Sanitary equipment and fixtures
  • Medical equipment
  • Furniture grips and handles
  • Luxury products (watches, fragrance flacons, jewellery)
  • Electronics & HIFI (Mobile phones, TV, computer, speakers, power amplifier)
  • Customer goods (shavers, kitchen appliances)
  • Sports equipment
  • Design goods
  • Accessories

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