Aluminium foam with salt

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- story by MaterialDistrict

This aluminium foam is made by adding salt or other materials in the casting process. The salt is removed once the aluminium has hardened, turning the material porous. Depending on the size of the salt grains, the porosity can be varied. All openings are connected, which makes the material suitable to use in filter systems. The aluminium is lightweight, shock- and temperature-resistant.

The material can be made in various shapes, like tiles, sheets or cilinders, or can be processed like regular aluminium to make more complex shapes. The material can also be made partially porous.

The foam can be used in filter systems, light equipment, wall decoration, acoustic solutions, etc.

Technical properties:

  • Yield strength: 7-40 N/mm² (depending on the porosity)
  • Density: 1.35 g/sm²
  • Brinell hardness HB: 7 for smalles openings, 5.5 for bigger openings
  • Heat conductivity: 40-45 W/mK

Material Properties