Antiqued mirror and gilded glass

United Kingdom

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- story by Dominic Schuster


Using glass and mirror in varying thicknesses and sizes, the studio creates finishes that authentically replicate the natural degradation of mercury/silvered mirror to bespoke effects incorporating silver and gold for a more contemporary look.

The process of creating an antiqued glass mirror panel or tile is very much an artistic one; a variety of secret techniques will be used to build up the right level of ‘foxing’ (aging) and achieve the exact look sought. For example, ‘Mercury Sparkle’ is a slightly distressed effect and catches the light only slightly to sparkle as the name suggests, whereas ‘Heavy Mercury’ recreates the look of vintage mirror glass that is hundreds of years old, has degraded significantly, and reflects very little light. Fusing antiqued mirror with wallpaper, fine art photography and fabric, the studio has created a new finish: Mirror & Imagery. Working closely with clients’ specifications, panels of mirror are carefully antiqued to softly blend mirror and print. The result is a beautiful decorative feature which can be inset into joinery, used as wall-panelling, or simply as tableware.

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