ARA-LT laser film


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ARA-LT laser film is a method to transfer a PVD layer onto a product. It consists of a base material, a transparent PET film with thicknesses between 6 μm and about 125 μm. The carrier film is provided with a PVD coating (“physical vapor deposition”) and is placed on the product surface within the laser focus level. With a standard marking laser, the PVD layer can be transferred from the carrier film onto the product surface in a standard atmosphere, to apply a high-quality, very adhesive and abrasion-resistant marking or coating.

In most cases, no laser lines are visible and the appearance is very homogeneous. This method is suitable for manual operation as well as for serial production, where a low price is just as important as a high quality and reliable reproducibility.

The laser-transferring materials are available in gold, silver, aluminium, chrome, steel, grey, black and “Hi-Con” (for electronic circuits) and can be transferred onto materials like glass, ceramic, marble, porcelain or stone.


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