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ArboSkin is a thermoformable bio-plastic, based on wood. The main component is a ‘liquid wood’, produced by German firm Tecnaro.

This bio-plastic consists of over 90% bio-polymers, and a little under 10% is a mix of inorganic mineral compounds.

The material was developed to suit the building industry’s need for renewable and free-formable materials.

These minerals help protect the material from UV light. The bio-plastic contains no halogens, chlorines or bromines. Oil-based components and additives are also kept to a minimum, meaning that recycling is both easier and cleaner than normal.

The bio-plastic is produced as granules which can heated and extruded into sheets and then processed as required.

The standard thickness is 3,5 mm. The ArboSkin sheets can be drilled, printed, laminated, laser-cut, CNC-milled or thermoformed to generate different surface qualities and structures and eventually to produce various moulded components. The material can also be injection moulded, extruded, calendered, blow moulded, deep drawn or pressed into half-finished products and sheets.

The skin comes in a variety of component bio-polymers, also made by Tecnaro. The standard colour for the sheets is off-white.

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