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ARCHISONIC® Cotton is a circular acoustic solution made in Italy from renewable materials. 100% of the acoustic absorbers can be returned to the production process, making it fully recyclable. Available in a range of 24 natural colours, it not only absorbs sound, but also adds a natural aesthetic to any space.

The material is fully recyclable and 100% of the absorbers can be returned to the production process at the end of their life cycle. Not only does this reduce waste, it also ensures that resources are used efficiently and that the product can be used indefinitely by simply reshaping and adding water without degrading the quality of the material.

The patent-pending material embodies this concept by using only natural and renewable materials in its production process. The main component of the material is cellulose derived from cotton linters, a by-product of the cotton industry that would otherwise be discarded. The production process is also designed to be circular, recycling and reusing water and minimising waste.

The revolutionary material offers a range of natural colours obtained without the use of chemical dyes or mordants. The range of 24 natural earth pigments has been curated by the trend scouts at Colour Hive. This attention to detail ensures that the product not only meets the functional requirements of sound absorption, but also offers a beautiful and natural aesthetic that is in line with current design trends.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton is handmade in Italy, where skilled craftsmen take great care to ensure that each tile meets the highest standards of quality and beauty.

Impact Lab
The Impact Lab, Impact Acoustics’ in-house experimental materials research, developed several variations on ARCHISONIC® Cotton, made with recycled materials and focused on sustainability.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton Recycled is a closed loop acoustic solution. 100% of the acoustic absorbers can be returned to the production process, making it fully recyclable. This tile is made from different colours of discarded Cotton tiles, demonstrating the fully circular approach.

Similar to ARCHISONIC® Cotton, ARCHISONIC® Cotton Cardboard is made from 80% recycled cardboard, supplemented by 20% natural earth pigments – specifically pure kaolin. It maintains its sustainable ethos by omitting additional fireproofing treatments, embodying the principles of environmental responsibility.

In keeping with the innovative spirit of ARCHISONIC® Cotton, ARCHISONIC® Cotton Coffee incorporates discarded coffee grounds, combining sustainability with creativity. Without the use of additional flame-retardant treatments, it is a blend of dispensable coffee and a touch of natural earth pigments.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton Silk contains 50% silk “powder” and 50% recycled cardboard (always consider 25% of mineral component, so the composition is 37.5% silk powder, 37.5% recycled cardboard, 18% earth pigment, 7% fireproofing salts). The silk powder is the residual of a recycling process of silk tissue.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton Sneakers is made from “fluff”, a by-product of sneaker production. This unique fabric dust is created during the shredding and sorting process of running shoes. The fluff is mixed with cellulose, and can also be mixed with rubber from discarded shoe soles and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). These additives, which account for approximately 20% of the tile’s weight, provide unique textural characteristics.

ARCHISONIC® CottonTex represents a unique approach to the sustainable use of materials. The first type features a standard ARCHISONIC® Cotton layer, offering a refined finish. The second type presents a rawer aesthetic. Both varieties are united by their composition, a blend of 60% cellulose and 40% recycled textiles. This innovative blend not only demonstrates a commitment to recycling, but also to reducing waste in textile production, embodying a forward-thinking approach to environmental responsibility.

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