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In response to an increased demand for unique and innovative building materials, Polich Tallix, a fine art manufacturing company located in New York, has expanded their operations into the architectural market. The resulting product is a seemingly endless variety of custom metal panels. Any size, color, shape, and texture seems possible using techniques of sand casting, water jet cutting, and traditional fabrication.
The products are alluring, durable, and economically and truly one of a kind. Surfaces are available in silicon bronze, white bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, steel and precious metals. Panels can be used as both interior and exterior applications.
Most recently Polich Tallix developed an innovative technique of casting unique variety of color, texture and patterning into aluminum panels called Pyrotex. The aesthetic result is purely process driven, altering the surface of aluminum through a direct interaction between organic materials and molten aluminum. The Pyrotex process offers a non-reparative surface and a unique variety of patterns, textures and colors.

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