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Avonite Recycled Acrylic Series

United States

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Avonite Recycled Acrylic Series is a solid surface material, made from acrylic filled resin, incorporating recycled material of the existing Avonite range. In this way the manufacturer is working towards zero wastage in the production. Currently four acrylic recycled decors are available. The sheets are available in 3660 x 762 x 12 mm. The products can be thermoformed and worked with woodworking machines and cutters. Any shape and size can be created and seamless jointing is possible. The surface can be easily replenished and will never get permanently damaged as the colour goes through the thickness of the material. The surface material is non-porous, and chemical and stain resistant. The product can be used for interior applications, interior features, work surfaces, washrooms and reception, bar, and service counters. Avonite Recycled Acrylic Series can also be used vertically for limited exterior application.

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