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B-Clear is a composite panel constructed with an aluminium honeycomb core sandwiched between glass or polycarbonate skins. The fish eye visual effect, achieved through a bonding process, results in a bespoke design. Each individual cell allows light to pass through, but together the cells remain translucent to ensure privacy when required. Coloured polycarbonate skins are available including frosted, opaque and pearlescent effects. LEDs can also be integrated into the design.

The panels can be used for screens, partition walls, suspended flooring, internal (sliding) doors, furniture etc. By substituting polycarbonate skins with toughened glass, B-Clear can also be suitable for use in structural applications including spanning walkways, bridges, mezzanines, landings and staircases.

B-Clear panels are durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and highly resilient to deflection. A slip resistant finish can also be applied. The panels are fabricated in sizes up to 2500mm x 1250mm. The standard panel thickness for non-structural applications is 19mm or 27mm. Standard structural panel thickness is 40mm overall with 6mm glass (complete with structural & fire test certificates). Occasionally production will recommend 50mm overall with 8mm glass for floors without certification.

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