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Rindentuch or Bark Cloth is made from the naturally regrowing bark of the fig-tree (ficus natalensis). It consists of Cellulose fibers and a very small amount of Tannin. It originates from Uganda and is presumably the worlds oldest non-woven textile. Because the bark of the fig-tree grows very rapidly, it can be harvested every year, without exhousting the natural resources to the limit. While Bark Cloth is fully natural, it can be modified to comply with specific demands regarding technical properties. BarkTex is treated Bark Cloth and it’s resistant to stains, UV, machine-washable and fire.

The company Dekodur also uses Bark Cloth to convert it into a laminate. The bark cloth surface, protected by varnish, oil or overlay retains its natural appearance. No high pressure laminate is the same. Each one has its own character. Depending on cloth and treatment, the colours vary between a strong beige and a dark brown. The seams are a distinctive feature and indicate the natural origin of the material. Dekowood Bark Cloth gives any room a warm high quality optical appearance. The open structure of this material enables light passing through.
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