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This material is no longer available.

Bark cloth®–HPL laminate is a decorative High Pressure Laminate (HPL). BARKTEX®–Low friction is a reinforced fibre textile featuring optimized abrasion characteristics. Both are made from the sub-bark of the fig tree (Ficus natalensis). In contrast to usual laminates and textiles, they display a visual surface structure, which is not an imitation. Rather, every BARKTEX® and each HPL is a unique original which carries its own history. This history is created using the regenerating sub-bark of the east African fig tree.The bark is manually hammered soft until it finally obtains the form of flat fabric. The resulting cloth is then pressed in conjunction with high tech phenol- and aminoplaste papers under high pressure and it’s surface is treated with oil, vanish to protect it. The result is a supple and moldable material at the interface of textile and wood.
The HPL is used for high quality interior upgrades on walls and ceilings, for furniture in hotels, restaurants and residential dwellings, as well as uses for fair trade stands and on yachts. The HPL is result of joint development between DEKODUR® Laminate Technology and the cloth producer
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