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BauBuche Beam


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Made of beech laminated veneer lumber bonded parallel to the grain, high strength BauBuche beams allow for the production of slim structures for large spans and heavy load conditions. Strips of BauBuche S-Board can be used to create beams with “small” cross-sections of up to 80 mm in width. The sides of the beams show a top-quality hardwood surface with the veneer layers visible on the top and bottom.

Beams with cross-sectional widths of 50-300mm are manufactured by bonding 40mm thick strips of S-board. The sides of these beams show appealing veneer layers while the top and bottom have a hardwood surface pattern. BauBuche beams are additionally sanded for a finished look.

Beams made of bonded lamellas are available in widths of 50–300 mm and heights of 120–600 mm. Heights up to 1.36 m and lengths up to 18.0 m are possible with longer lengths available on request.

S-board beams are available in widths of 40, 60 and 80mm and in heights from 100mm to 1.00 m. Lengths up to 18 m are possible with longer lengths also available on request.

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