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This material is no longer available.

The Belle Naturelle collection contains handmade felt, made of the wool of angora rabbits. This is one of the softest wool types and seven times warmer than sheep wool. The hair of the rabbits continue to grow and must be trimmed regularly. The angora used by The Soft World is a waste product from Dutch hobbyist and completely animal-friendly.

The Soft World is the ecological wool felt label of Dutch designer Beatrice Waanders (Willem de Kooning Academy of Art & Architecture in Rotterdam). All products of The Soft World are handmade in her studio in Rotterdam by the century old technique of felt making. Waanders and her team work with local wool obtained directly by the sheep shepherd of local sheepflocks and landscape-projects. The Soft World does not use any chemical products. None of the wool is even dyed, the natural colors of the wool are part of the design. All products are maximal sustainable and biodegradable.The Soft World produces custom made textiles for interior-design, like carpets, wall-hangings, room-dividers and window-objects.

Wool has great benefits for modern architecture; it has high sound-absorption for acoustic problems, is a natural insulator and a material with lower emissivity, provides better radiation equilibrium that provides a better inner-climate and is fire-proof. Last but not least natural wool provides a soft natural aesthetical touch for the eye.

The felt can for example be used for wall-coverings, window lining and room-dividers. All sizes are possible.

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