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Bia Metallic


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The BiaMetallic material are concrete blocks with a top layer in 8 metal varieties, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Iron, Nickel and Stainless steel.
The concrete blocks are treated with a process in which they are sprayed upon with cold liquid metal. This seamlessly covers the concrete surfaces and since the treated area consists for more than 95% out of metal, it looks, feels and behaves as cast metal.
Like cast metal, the material has the same texture, luster and heat conductivity. This results in a sustainable metallised surface.
BIA Metallic is ideal for projects where the metal roof should form one part of the facade or for street furniture, interior home or office, etc.
Available in:
GS Polished brass, GG Copper Blue Platinum, Split Copper Polished GS Brushed Aluminium, Split Bronze, GS Zinc, Brushed GS Zinc, GG Iron Rust.

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