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BioBlocks are made of pressed peat from the National Park Weerribben and Wieden. The blocks are laid to dry in the open air in racks measuring 4 meters in height. The advantage of this process is that BioBlocks do not have to be baked in an oven like clay bricks, which saves considerable amounts of energy. Instead, the blocks are air dried for a period of four to eight weeks. These blocks can be used for a variety of  wall constructions or for filling gabions. BioBlocks also regulate moisture very well, absorbing and retaining excess moisture that they later release, thus regulating the natural climate of interior spaces. Further benefits of BioBlocks are: 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable and 100% natural and biobased.

BioBlocks contribute to the hydrosphere and thus to the preservation of rare and distinctive plant and animal species in the wetlands of the National Park Weerribben – Wieden. BioBlocks sees opportunities for the use of peat as a sustainable construction material for the finishing of earth-retaining structures in infrastructure, noise barriers, slope protection, gardens and recreational facilities. Its use in the residential and commercial construction sectors is currently being examined with opportunities being further developed.


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