Biofold acoustic panel


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- story by MaterialDistrict

BioFold is inspired by the abundance of wasted natural fibers derived from plants, primarily jute and cotton. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Global giants such use millions of jute burlap coffee bags annually. Additionally, less than 1% of 1.2 billion denim products produced per year are recycled.

BioFold upcycles these discarded textile streams that is not rewearable or aren’t used for recycling into new textiles. Biofold combines these waste streams with a biobased non-mineral oil plastic (PLA) that is compostable.

The Biofold product is biobased, waste based and recycleable. After several cycles of recycling the Biofold product has over its whole lifecycle not only a low environmental impact but even a negative environmental impact.

Combining origami and digital production techniques transforms BioFold into a sensory architectural product that plays with light, shadow and perception.

The Biofold product is not only a beautiful en sensorial finish for your walls but has also sound damping properties. It reaches very high αw-value and Noice Reduction Coefficient (NRC) which are values used to define the sound absorbing properties of a material or construction.

The BioFold material combination has been tested for acoustic properties according to ISO 11654 and ASTM C423. Biofold reaches a maximum αw of 1,0 (on a scale of 0,0 up to 1,0) and a very high NRC of 0,95 (on a scale of 0,00 up to 1,00) and reaches as a result of this absorption class A.

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