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Biosgel is a solid, gummy, soft and strong gel. Foamed in mould, Biosgel is as you see it, ready to be used and come in direct contact with the skin. Each Biosgel reticulation supports a well defined weight: if the weight is excessive, the reticulation yields and does not push to retake its initial position until the weight is removed. Thanks to its highest density (900 Kg/m³, which almost the same specific weight of water) Biosgel evenly distributes pressure. And due to its high-density molecular structure, Biosgel takes much time to absorb heat, which is why it remains fresh longer than traditional materials. Biosgel takes 2-3 hours to increase temperature of 1° C. After that span, it levels off at a temperature about two degrees lower than body temperature.

Biosgel is also a very good shock-absorber. Thanks to the loopholes crossing its surface, Biosgel allows for constant air-circulation. It additionally offers high resistance to scrapes, chemical agents like acids, alcohols, cleansing substances and water-based solutions. It is also aging- and UV ray resistant.

Biosgel does not contain any substance which is forbidden by the EEC legislation as far as the use of cosmetic and personal hygiene products is concerned.

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