Blinds made of waste material


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- story by MaterialDistrict

The blinds for windows and the room dividers have a transparent look: the daylight can play with the material. All the pieces are unique, even personal items can be used in the weaving process.

The yarns, ribbons, shoelaces, cords, rubber, leather, plastics, copper, wool, cotton, zippers, velvet, flax and even shower curtains are all collected and found or received. Old clothes and knitwear are taken apart, the yarns and garments are used again. The harmonious look of the chosen colours and the exquisite mix of materials makes the weaving nice to look at.

From a distance, the item looks like a variety of shades. But in a close up the mix of materials, colours, structures and prints become visible and are surprising.

Functionality and personality can be caught into one item with recycling as a base.”

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