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BlingCrete light reflecting concrete


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BlingCrete is a textile-reinforced concrete with a light-reflecting surface whose specific properties and smart manufacturing processes offer a wide variety of applications. In addition to being light-reflecting, this material non-flammable.

BlingCrete is based on system precast building methods. The combination of a durable surface effect and the ease of production make BlingCrete a cost-effective environmentally friendly, and sustainable product. With its inherent technical, functional and aesthetic properties, BlingCrete offers a wide range of applications in architecture and design, in road safety and traffic-related areas.

The properties of BlingCrete open up various design possibilities in architecture, interior design and in transport safety areas. Potential applications are, for example, safety-related marking of danger spots in construction (stairs, sidewalks, platform edges, tunnels), as well as the design of integrated guidance systems and novel surface components (façade, floor, ceiling). BlingCrete faciliating new and unexpected ways of perception. In principal it is an unobtrusive material that is eye-catching or even flamboyant when required. The information is latently stored in the surface without dominating the architecture, its visibility is programmed by users’ walking paths and the position of the light and is fully visible at specific points.

BlingCrete offers high design potential, that derives from the production process. Basically, the building process and use are comparable to known procedural manners of prefabricated elements. Part of BlingCrete™ are novel High Performance and Ultra High Performance Concretes that are used: With these the adhesive composition of the glass beads and their position in the matrix can be controlled precisely. They could be positioned in any grid or pattern or in a random distribution on the surface, the colour of the matrix could be produced in a greyscale variety from white to anthracite (i. e. black), and colours like yellow, red, green etc. The sizes of the beads range from 0,7 mm to 9 mm, with 6 mm as a standard size. Combinations of sizes are possible. The parameters for the matrix and ball resulting from the main components enable the appearance and properties of the surface to be manipulated:

There is not one BlingCrete, but several.


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