Breathaplasta wall plaster

United Kingdom

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Breathaplasta is a hemp lime plaster that is a healthier alternative to standard plaster and helps reduce problems with damp and mould.

Black mould spores can easily enter the body through inhalation. These allergens can cause physical symptoms from itching eyes to breathing issues, including asthma.

The plaster material ‘breaths’ with the building’s occupants, passively regulating the moisture created by daily activities. This helps inhibit mould growth. In addition to this, it has insulating properties that helps increase the temperature of the surface of the wall preventing condensation from occurring. A naturally higher pH level (alkalinity) also discourages mould from forming.

The lime plaster is quick setting, quick drying and super easy to use. It is applied the same way as standard plaster It has good thermal performance, acoustic insulation, fire resistance and it can even be composted.

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