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- story by MaterialDistrict

BRICKWOOL is a modular brick, made of natural wool with light earth method (LEM), which results in a light-weighted high-density material. Its annular-cylinder shape functions as part of an acoustic barrier strategy developed to mitigate specific sound frequencies. The acoustic lab results for this mixture reveal a wide range of absorption values. In the current Portuguese market, natural wool needs rethinking due to its material surplus. This solution explores the potential of this natural fibre as a viable source, giving it a new value through the weight of innovation whilst delivering good acoustic results in an eco-conscious manner.

BRICKWOOL was developed and designed by Terra&Som (T&S), an emergent Portuguese project led by Liliana Carvalho and in partnership with ACIV (UC) and CRU atelier, that aims to develop acoustic elements built with natural fibres and earth. T&S multidisciplinary team comprises advanced acoustic technology practice and vernacular earth building techniques to investigate potential acoustic eco-friendly products that follow a circular economy approach.

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