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- story by MaterialDistrict

Omlab has developed Buildmatterial 0.8, a super-circular cement-free building material from (e.g. sewage) waste. With Buildmatterial, the studio 3D printed examples of emission-free construction products and explores co-operation with the industry.

Omlab’s innovation is called Buildmatterial version 0.8, used as print material for design freedom and material savings in construction. Omlab combines the waste-based mixture of poor raw materials with a high-quality technology, 3D paste printing. Examples can be seen at the Floriade. The material can also be pressed and extruded.

The material has the strength of C8 concrete, prevents CO2 emissions (less waste incineration and transport) and is biodegradable. End-of-life it can be re-printed. A building element weighs about 1/2 of 3D printed concrete. Fire resistance class D. In co-operation with TNO, Omlab develops the possibilities of Buildmatterial as part of the National Program for Emissionless Building.

The mixture consists of 98% circular and circular biobased raw materials from sewage and drinking water treatment: calcite, cellulose (Recell), Kaumera. Plus a few percent alginate (primarily biobased) and water.

The 3D-printed elements can be used (multi)functional, modular and movable in renovation buildings, for example as an interior wall. In the ongoing next phase, residual flows from a building are processed into even stronger building components in collaboration with the concrete industry. Tests focus on preparing the best circular material mixture for existing industrial robotic printers.

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