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This material is no longer available.

Nova Lignum developed Ceranex durable façade cladding from plant residues including aubergine fibres, grass from verges, reeds and pruning waste.

Plant residues from greenhouses form a massive mountain of waste, which is usually composted or burnt. But plant residue also comprises a lot of precious energy and valuable fibres –  resulting in a  raw material suitable for use in building materials.

Made from natural raw materials and containing no silica, Ceranex façade cladding is 100% recyclable with no oil related or chemical additives. Material properties include durability, water stability (no shrinkage or expansion), weatherproof, rot proof, acid resistant, non-corrosive against metals, extremely fire resistant and colour-fast.

Furthermore, Ceranex is easy to use and install and can be worked with like wood.

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