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Chipps gives the well-known OSB panel a designer look. Chipps is a (re)new(ed) product, a floor, wall or ceiling made of OSB, but with an attractive design. Chipps accentuates this natural OSB look by treating the panels with a cocktail of pigments, so that these panels give the room a unique look in one movement.

Chipps combines construction with finishing. The space can easily be transformed with Chipps in 1 single movement, without extra costs, odour nuisance or drying time. Due to its dimensions of 244 x 59 cm, the meters are installed quickly and easily.

Chipps panels are finished with 7 layers of scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and UV-resistant varnish. This ensures that the panels can be placed in heavily used areas, such as restaurants, fairs, events or offices.

The 7 layers of varnish protect the panels against discolouration and ensure that the colour or print does not fade.

It is time to no longer use OSB only as a semi-finished product or building material, but as a designer-worthy floor or wall, to transform any interior in no time.

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