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With a spraying and chemical reaction technique P.S. Oberflächen produces a mirroring surface on any paintable substrate. The surface appears to be real chrome by galvanisation. The chrome optics procedure can be a substitute for the conventional galvanisation process only in visual terms. The procedure is flexible, quick and easy to apply. The procedure is generally applied with rapid prototyping, show/decoration purposes, artworks, etc.
The mirroring layer is produced by simultaneously spraying different solutions on to the surface. The result of the chemical reaction is the chrome optic effect . The chrome effect can be tinted by applying essences of every possible colour.
The surface is applicable on different kind of surfaces, like organic materials, construction materials and plastics. It can be used for indoor applications or for short-term purposes. Usage examples: rapid prototyping, show/decoration purposes, artwork.
Pieces can not exceed the following dimensions: 200x150x80cm.

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