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This material is no longer available.

The panels of the Classic-Panels system consist of polyurethane and natural stone. The Classic-Stone range is made out of more than sixteen types of mineral and chemical charges (i.e.: stone, marble, silica, silicates, etc.). The weight is significantly lower than that of natural stone. Its zero percent water absorption ensures a complete sealing. The product has a high resistance to most chemicals products and low abrasive wear. The panels are available in a range of very realistic reproductions, varying from bricks to rocks and limestone to slate, coconut and fantasy surfaces. The UV-resistant top layer is non porous and is resistant to fungus, moss and all kinds of weather influences (rain, sun, frost, fog, salt, et cetera). The product also has good thermal, acoustic and anti-humidity characteristics. Classic-Panels are suitable for applications both indoors and outdoors. The product is sustainable and re-usable.

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