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Claytec compressed unfired clay bricks are earth bricks that can be used for non-loadbearing walls or infill for timber frame constructions. They have a high density which gives them good acoustic properties and a high thermal mass. Clay bricks also help regulate temperature and humidity, making them ideal for ’breathing’ constructions.
Claytec clay plasters; The versatility, flexibility, ease of application and cost-effectiveness of clay plasters makes them a practical alternative to gypsum based plasters. Clay plaster has excellent properties of regulating both temperature and humidity, making it ideal for ‘breathing’ constructions. Clay plaster also has the major advantage that it can be reworked at any time in the future. Claytec plasters use a base of white clays and sands and then use natural pigments to give colour to the plasters.
CLAYFIX decorative finish plaster with gold-straw fibres grain, Self-colouring through the natural types of loam with no added pigments.

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