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Clear-PEP and AIR-board


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Design Composite uses sophisticated production equipment to manufacture quality sandwich panels. The company is part of a well-established Austrian manufacturing company which has been dealing with innovative products and adhesive technology since 1945. The combination of a patented core production process and DC’s adhesive technology results in composite panels which combine lightness in weight with extremely high rigidity and unique optical features. The company’s core business is the production of foam and honeycomb panels for truck bodies, but its translucent honeycomb panels, made of polycarbonate and acrylic, are used for a wide variety of applications in the field of architecture and design.

Trade names:

  • clear-PEP AIR-board
  • clear-PEP UV AIR-board UV
  • clear-PEP colour AIR-board colour
  • clear-PEP satin AIR-board satin
  • clear-PEP stage

A wide range of sizes and material combinations of different core and surface layers is available. Quality and durability are ensured by sourcing raw materials from market leaders in the European plastics industry.

Product features:

  • a variety of translucent honeycomb structures for illuminated applications
  • innovative optical properties with special lighting effects
  • a wide range of colour compositions and sizes
  • good rigidity and bending strength
  • good UV and weather resistance
  • high impact and hail resistance
  • good thermal insulation properties
  • good flammability rating
  • satin surface with a pleasant feel and no visible fingerprints
  • improved scratch resistance and anti–slip surfaces available
  • physiologically unobjectionable [non-allergenic]
  • compatible with standard profile systems

Interior design, partitions, sliding doors, furniture, illuminated ceilings, illuminants, décor elements, shelves, shop designs, exhibition stands, balustrade glazing, facades and canopies. Blizzard Composite GmbH supplies standard panels from stock and know-how for customised panel solutions worldwide.

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